Stephan westphal list of publications from the dblp bibliography server - faq other views: by type - by year (modern) - classic-c ask others: acm dl/guide - - csb - metapress - google - bing - yahoo 2012 j11   clemens thielen, stephan westphal: approximation algorithms for ttp(2). Math. Meth. Of or 76(1): 1-20 (2012) 2011 j10   sven oliver krumke, alfred taudes, stephan westphal: online scheduling of weighted equal-length jobs with hard deadlines on parallel machines. Computers & or 38(8): 1103-1108 (2011) j9   sven oliver krumke, clemens thielen, stephan westphal: interval scheduling on related machines. Computers & or 38(12): 1836-1844 (2011) j8   clemens thielen, stephan westphal: complexity of the traveling tournament problem. Theor. Comput. Sci. 412(4-5): 345-351 (2011) c3   janick v. happens if women take male viagra Frasch, sven oliver krumke, stephan westphal: mip formulations for flowshop scheduling with limited buffers. Tapas 2011: 127-138 2010 c2   clemens thielen, stephan westphal: approximating the traveling tournament problem with maximum tour length 2. does female viagra work Isaac (2) 2010: 303-314 2009 j7   irene fink, sven oliver krumke, stephan westphal: new lower bounds for online k-server routing problems. Inf. viagra canada online Process. viagra price in canada Lett. 109(11): 563-567 (2009) 2008 j6   stephan westphal, sven oliver krumke: pruning in column generation for service vehicle dispatching. Annals or 159(1): 355-371 (2008) j5   stephan westphal: a note on the k-canadian traveller problem. Inf. Process. how long until viagra kicks in Lett. 106(3): 87-89 (2008) j4   sven oliver krumke, sleman saliba, tjark vredeveld, stephan westphal: approximation algorithms for a vehicle routing problem. viagra samples Math. Meth. Of or 68(2): 333-359 (2008) j3   sven oliver krumke, anne schwahn, rob van stee, stephan westphal: a monotone approximation algorithm for scheduling with precedence constraints. viagra online without prescription Oper. Res. buy viagra20 Lett. buy generic viagra 36(2): 247-249 (2008) c1   kerstin bauer, thomas fischer, sven oliver krumke, katharina gerhardt, stephan westphal, peter merz: improved construction heuristics and iterated local search for the routing and wavelength assignment problem. Evocop 2008: 158-169 2006 j2   sleman saliba, sven oliver krumke, stephan westphal: online-optimization of. viagra cost